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Regional Activity

Each regional group will report their current clinical effectiveness activity on these pages.

Last updated 18/06/01

For more information about The Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust visit their website http://www.was-tr.wales.nhs.uk

Should Paramedics Bougie Down?
Difficult intubation protocol: use of the endotracheal tube introducer (gum-elastic bougie)
Emergency Medical Services: Performance Management and Review
Pre-Hospital Care Five Years Hence: a personal view

Clinical Governance Training Day
The Welsh Ambulance Service NHS Trust held a Clinical Governance Training Day on 16 March 2000. Chief Ambulance Officer Mr John Bottell chaired the day which heard from the following speakers:
(Links to all the presentations should be available soon)

Clinical Governance Overview: Implications for Ambulance Services Mr Drew Ridley-Siegert, Medical Adviser, Clinical Effectiveness support Unit (Wales)
Clinical Effectiveness Tim Jones, Clinical Operations Officer, South & East Region
Trust Clinical Effectiveness Lead
Clinical Audit Tony Hayward, Clinical Operations Officer, Central & West Region
Trust Clinical Audit Lead
Training & Education Mike Collins, Regional Training Manager, Central & West Region
Research and Development Malcolm Woollard, Executive Officer, Prehospital Emergency Research Unit (PERU)
Paramedic Board Gwyn Thomas, Regional Training Manager, North Region
UK Issues with regard to Clinical Effectiveness in ambulance services Stuart Nicholls, Manager, Ambulance Service Association National Clinical Effectiveness Programme
Role of the Clinical Effectiveness Support Unit (Wales) Mr Drew Ridley-Siegert, Medical Adviser, Clinical Effectiveness support Unit (Wales) CESU website: http://www.cesu.wales.nhs.uk