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The newsletter of the Joint ASA/ JRCALC Clinical Effectiveness Committee and the ASA Clinical Effectiveness Programme

Issue Number/ Date Contents
Issue 28 -
August 2003
Ambex - Thrombolysis Update - Prehospital Thrombolysis (BMJ Article) - DiabestesStudy - Pilot of a Falls Pathway - Launch of First Responder Group - Audit of Pain Management
Issue 27 -
June 2003
Pre-hospital Cochrane Collaboration?, Thrombolysis - the 5 Models - an update, Use of Blue Calls - an exec summary, Frusemide for Suspected Pulmonary Oedema
Issue 26 -
April 2003
Lucy Evans joins the team, CHD Seminars, Morphine Workshops, Cardiac Arrest Dataset, Star of Life, ASA Research database
Issue 25 - February 2003 ASA/JRCALC Regional CHD Seminars, JRCALC Thrombolysis update, Meningococcal Septicaemia and the use of Benzyl Penicillin, Department of Health Defibrillators in Public Places Programme, Focus on Prehospital Research (PERU)
Issue 24 - December 2002 Next issue of Candour is Issue 25 (to match published issue numbers). Thankyou
Issue 23 - December 2002 Appointment of new National Clinical Effectiveness Programme Manager, ASA Research Database, Northern Audit Group
Issue 22 -
June 2002
National Audit Update, JRCALC Guidelines on the NHSNet, ASA Conference CHI Clinical Governance Reviews - Report
Issue 21 -
April 2002
Principles for Best Practice in Clinical Audit, Electronic Patient Report Forms, The CHI Experience, National Clinical Audit Update, A Comparison Review ofPre-Hospital Thrombolysis Pilot Times In A Rural/Urbanm area fo East Midlands
Issue 20 - February 2002 Programme for year ahead - NHSLA, E-PRF, Clinical Audit Tools; National Clinical Audit Update; CLIP database; PGD Library at jrcalc.org.uk; Guidelines update; NICE THrombolytic HTA
Issue 19 - December 2001 3 Book reviews, National CHD Audit Update (pdf 260k)
Issue 18 - October 2001 Now in pdf format
Issue 17 - August 2001 Clinical Guidelines for Ambulance Services - past, present and future; Quality must come first – pledge; A Case Study – Critical Incident and Risk Management
Issue 16 -
June 2001
Focus on Scotland; Focus on Wales, National Clinical Audit (including the NSF - CHD); ASANCEP relocation
Issue 15 - April 2001 Clinical Risk - learning the lessons; 'Governance in the NHS' - national conference; PAT - Paramedic Audit Tool; The CHD Zone; The National Electronic Library for Health - Emergency Care Branch
Issue 14 - February 2001 National Clinical Guidelines - progress to date; JRCALC Thrombolysis conference 12th March 2001; Future funding arrangements for ASA NCEP; National Clinical Governance Support Team
Issue 13 - December 2000 JRCALC Launch National Prehospital Clinical Guidelines; Updated JRCALC website; CHEST - Coronary Heart Disease Prehospital Clinical Audit Database; Spinal Injury Immobilisation
Issue 12 - October 2000 JRCALC Annual Conference 03 Nov 2000, NICE Annual Conference 29-30 Nov 2000, New JRCALC website, National Guidelines Update, Update from NICE on Collaboration
Issue 11 - August 2000 Westcountry Ambulance Service Launch New Degree in Emergency Care, SYMAS & NHS Clinical Governance Support Team Programme – first hand experience of the programme, How long does it take to perform procedures on scene? – abstract from Prehospital Immediate Care Journal, ASA/JRCALC Track Thrombolysis Developments – details of future collaborative work, Evidence for Change III – preliminary results of the annual survey, ‘An organisation with a memory’ – looking at adverse event reporting
Issue 10 - June 2000 Development of National Clinical Guidelines for Ambulance Services, Clinical Audit Database for Coronary Heart Disease – developed by the ASA to meet the requirements of the National Service Framework, ASA/JRCALC Conference – 3rd November 2000, Book Review - "Research Methods and Statistics in Health Care", Scottish Ambulance Service - Clinical Performance: A Pilot Study, Northern & Yorkshire Patient Report Form – towards a regional PRF
Issue 9 - April 2000 Joint ASA/JRCALC Conference 2000, Not 'Just Another Maternity', NICE Update, Measuring Performance, New website, 999EMS Research Forum, Evidence for Change III, SECS in Surrey

Issue 8 - February 2000

ASA Clinical Governance Newsletter, Clinical Governance on the Interenet, Local intiatives to share nationally, What you should knwo about clinical governance, Evidence for Change III Survey, Clinical Excellence 99 conference report, Guide to Statistisc in Clinical Audit Part 3, Book Reviews, Case History 'Just another maternity...'
Issue 7 - December 1999 Research into Practice, NHS Clinical Governance Support Team, Guide to Statistics in Clinical Audit Part 2
Issue 6 - October 1999 ASA Clinical Governance Guidance Update, Peer Review on the Internet, Guide to Statistics for Clinical Audit
Issue 5 - August 1999 Evidence for Change II, ASA Clinical Governance Guidance, ASA/JCALC Annual Conference 1999 Review, Your Views Count, Prehospital Management of Deliberate Self Harm
Issue 4 - June 1999 Responses to: 'Faster Access to Modern Treatment', 'Clinical Governance: Quality in the new NHS', 'NHS Performance Frameworks', Journal of Pre-Hospital Immediate Care
Issue 3 - April 1999 Information on the Internet, Evidence for Change II
Issue 2 - February 1999 ASA NCEP, Evidence for Change II, SEACAG, Prehospital Management of Asthma, Audit of Category 'C' patients
Issue 1 - December 1998 CANDOUR Introduction, ASA National Clinical Effectiveness Project, Patient Report Forms

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