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All presentations are in Microsoft PowerPoint 97

ASA/JRCALC "Regional CHD Seminars" - January/February 2003 - Chippenham, London, Leicester, Bolton

ASA Conference "Moving Forward, The CHI Experience" held at the Chesterfield Hotel, Mayfair on 31st January 2003

Background to clinical audit - slides from the now defunct National Centre for Clinical Audit

All the presentations from the JRCALC Annual Conference 2000 are available from the JRCALC website http://www.jrcalc.org.uk

UK Issues with regard to Clinical Effectiveness in ambulance services

- developments within the ASA NCEP (March 2000).
Mission Impossible: National Clinical Effectiveness Project

- the aims and objectives of the ASA NCEP (June 1999).
Electronic Patient Report Forms

- an example of effective data collection.
Clinical Governance – Year 1

- Generic presentation from SYMAS on the background and key milestones for Clinical Governance in Year 1 (1999/2000).
Clinical Governance in North Thames

- Presentation of the North Thames Clinical Governance Working Group on the findings of an initial survey of readiness in the region (NHSE London)
Clinical Effectiveness & Patient Information

- Presentation made at AMBEX 1999 describing the link between Clinical Governance and the need for robust, accurate, and timely patient information.
Clinical Governance Guidance Document
- Presentation made to the outlining the purpose and future development of this document.
Clinical Governance Components
- the components of clinical governance & what they mean to ambulance services.