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Version 1 Guidelines were originally launched at the annual conference of JRCALC in November 2000.


Version 2 (2002) Guidelines were released in January 2002 following two years of development through the existing evidence base and consensus opinion of experts from within the ambulance service, prehospital care and other clinical specialists.

Each UK ambulance service will receive a CD-ROM of the Version 2 (2002) JRCALC Guidelines for implementation.

The Pre-Hospital Guidelines 2002 for use in UK Ambulance Services are now available on the NHSNet at:

(Please note that these guidelines are only accessible through the NHS server.  If you are an employee of the NHS you will need access to an on-site computer)

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Version 2.1 can be viewed online or downloaded and contains all of the amendments to date on version 2.0 and also re-incorporates the 'General' and 'Procedures' chapters as well as the 'Sexual Assault' guidelines carried over from version 1. This file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

A separate sheet of amendments is also available to those of you using version 2.0 and is available to view or download as a Word document.

  • If you are employed by an NHS Ambulance Trust and would like a copy you should contact your training department in the first instance

  • If you are a member of St John Ambulance please contact National HQ.

  • Other enquiries should be addressed to [email protected] but you should be aware that any usage outside of the National Health Service may require the payment of a license fee which will be used to further develop the Guidelines

Version 1 (2000) JRCALC Guidelines have been deliberately removed from the website as these have all been replaced by the Version 2 (2002) JRCALC Guidelines.


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